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Highlights from the Crazy College Tv Show from 1975. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry...

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Dedicated to all music odd, silly or forgotten, Crazy College has been hitting the airways since 1984. Hosted by Geo. Stewart, it's a fun way to look at the whole panoply of American social attitudes and what them change, sometime even evolving for the better. Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman, they all have a home here, as do Brother Theodore, Bob & Ray, Raymond Scott and more.
"Never underestimate the potency of cheap music."

- Amanda Prynne, Private Lives

Gonged At Last: Chuck Barris, star of the ‘Gong Show’ is Morte

I hated “The Dating Game.” “The Newlywed Game, ”too. But “The Gong Show”! Every day at 11:30 I would tune in to the madness that was bludgeoning American culture to a deserved death. It’s creator, Chuck Barris died yesterday at his home in, where else?, Palisades, N.Y. He was 87.

He denied it, but everyone seemed blissed out on coke, including those at the network who let him run amok. But the show really caught the zeitgeists of the 70s, a decadent Studio 54 stripped five days a week. The show broke ground in so many unrespectable ways: two young girls calling themselves “The Nickle Ride” servicing a popsicle (“That’s how I got started in the business,” said panelist Jay P. Morgan, encouragingly.) A guy with a paper bag over his head telling bad jokes known as “The Unknown Comic.” “Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine.” Jay P. Morgan again, this time exposing her breasts. The list is long and rich.

He tried to turn the Gong Show into a feature film, working with Robert Downey, Sr, but the old friends found their shared sensibilities oddly at odds. Downey walked and Chuck made a mess of movie on his own.

Oh, yeah, he also wrote the pop hit song, “Palisades Park” in 1963. And he wrote a book that claim he was a hit man for the CIA that George Clooney made into a really good film.

Chuckie was one of a kind. And that was enough. According to his New York Times obit, when asked how he would be remembered he admitted, “I think on my tombstone it’s just going to say, ‘Gonged at last,’ and I’m stuck with that’.

Gonged maybe, but not forgotten.

Chris White heard me talk about my chemistry set on the air one day a while back and surprised me a few weeks later with an original copy of the Experiment Book that came with the set. There were two schools when it came to Chem Sets: you were either a Gilbert person or a Perfect boy, I the latter. At its peak, my lab had nearly a hundred bottles of chemicals, bought at

Schedule for the Fall of 2016
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March 26

“Careless Love”

This week we ride the rails with The Firehouse Five, pull Taffy with Minnie Pearl, and sample the delights of unorthodox instruments like a musical saw and a steam Calliope.

April 2

“Fun with Fund Raising”

I do my Ed Cunningham impersonation, wig and all. I will be matching every dollar with a handdrawn one of my own.

April 9

“More fun with Fund Raising”

Come on, dig deep. Don’t you want that damn T-shirt?

Another great Christmas gift, again from mom, back in the early 1970s. The copyright reads "1922-1924 King Features"

Frequent Crazy College guest Chris White's model of the Invisible Man
And below is a curio that Chris White made for the annual Blobfest held in Phoenixville,PA. It's really a bar of soap, which is what you would be if the Blob got ya.

This is the limited edition Crazy College T Shirt from 1989.

>The people who put together My Book House did a multi-volume set on the history of the world – just like Will and Ariel Durant, but for kids and with better illustrations. This is the cover of Volume One.


From the "Mr. Wizard's Worst Nightmare" Dept:

My best Christmas gift ever. There was a rivalry between those who had Gilbert Chemistry Sets and those of us that had Porter. What I wouldn't give to find a copy of the old lab manual of instructions....

To me a house without squeaky floors can never be a home.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Soupy Sales with eager student:

More News You Can Loose...Check out the interview section for insightful conversations with satirists Tom Lehrer and Stan Freberg, comedian Dayton Allen, Disney animator and founder of The Firehouse Five plus Two, Ward Kimball, and satanic madmad (he was really a nice guy) Brother Theodore and more!.

From the G. Stewart/C. Healy Archives: A 7 year old Andrew Warhola does his first silk screen: "36 Wax Coke Bottles."

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