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Highlights from the Crazy College Tv Show from 1975. You'll laugh, you'll cry...

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Dedicated to all music odd, silly or forgotten, Crazy College has been hitting the airways since 1984. Hosted by Geo. Stewart, it's a fun way to look at the whole panoply of American social attitudes and what them change, sometime even evolving for the better. Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman, they all have a home here, as do Brother Theodore, Bob & Ray, Raymond Scott and more.


"Never underestimate the potency of cheap music."

- Amanda Prynne, Private Lives

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February 5, 2019

It was like 7 degrees last weekend. 30s yesterday; 60 today. Then back down to the 40s tomorrow. I sure would hate to be an expansion joint right now.


February 2, 2019

Trump just stuck his head out from his hole and saw his shadow. That means six more weeks of gridlock.


The Death of I-Know-Him Dick Miller

As a kid I was aware of actor Dick Miller as much as I was Lugosi or Karloff or Lee. It was all because of Double Chiller Theater, a Saturday night marathon of no-budget horror films that Channel 6 ran from 11:15 PM to 3 or 4 AM Sunday mornings in the early 60s. If they were showing another one of Roger Cormans grind-’em-out epics, Miller was certain to be in it, livening up whatever role, large or small, he was given. It is reported that he has upwards of 200 credits to his name, and I have no reason to doubt it. Those directors who got their start in Corman’s film factory tended to include Miller in each new film they made, a sort of good-luck talisman towards box office success. Whatever the film, whatever the budget, whatever the level of box office success, be it The Terminator, or Gremlins, or Matinée, (a personal favorite), Miller always stood out. He starred magnificently only once – in Cormans 1962 grand guignol throw-away, A Bucket Of Blood as a no-talent sculptor who finds success in plaster-covered corpses. Miller died yesterday, still working, grinding it out at 90.


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7 PM Sunday nights on 91.3

11 PM Tuesdays on Global Community Radio. All Eastern Time.

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Tuesday, February 19 on Global Community Radio at 11 PM

'Saluting Jonathan Winters'

This week Crazy College salutes the comic genius Jonathan Winters. He brought a jazz musicians sensibility to his standup, riffing and flying off in all directions, yet always returning back to the main theme, as silly or off the wall as it might be. Join us for an hour of some really wild comedy this week as Crazy College remembers Jonathan Winters.

Sunday, February 24 on 91.3 at 7 PM

Tuesday, February 26 on Global Community Radio at 11 PM

This week we sneak a peek at some famous lawyers' briefs. UGH! Then Mickey Katz and Allan Sherman while Mel Brooks re-fights The Second World War – twice! All that and then some, next time on Crazy College.

NOTE: On WVUD I may blow this show off and do a Salute to Ken Nordic. Then again, maybe not...

Sunday, March 3 on 91.3 at 7 PM

Tuesday, March 5 on Global Community Radio at 11 PM

'Mary Had a Little Lamb, some Wine and a bit of Cheese'

This week on Scratch Grooves I wind up the old Victrola and play some great comedy 78. We'll go for a buggy ride with Billy Murray. Fanny Brice mulls over matrimony. And the Happiness Boys find a straight Banana. Plus, we hear from Ernie Maine, who comes on to remind us that you don't get many pimples on a pound of pickled pork. Which is a good thing.

Sunday, March 10 on 91.3 at 7 PM

Tuesday, March 12 on Global Community Radio at 11 PM

'Get Back and Get Down'

This week we GET BACK to where we once belonged: the earth with Farmers Benny Hill, Danny Kaye and David Seville and his Chipmunks. Weird Al Yankovic gets drafted into the Star Wars. And Tom Lehrer, Mae West and Marlene Dietrich sing the praises of a very good bad girl.

Sunday, March 17 on 91.3 at 7 PM

Tuesday, March 19 on Global Community Radio at 11 PM

'Up, Up and Away Down Under'

It’s Amateur Hour again on of Crazy College when we will hear Bob and Ray compete on Arthur Godfrey”s No Talent Contest. Mae West joins Mrs. Miller in a duet (or really, “Don”t Do It”) of Beatle songs. Then we’ll head down under to Australia for a too-brief holiday with Noel Coward and Burl Ives.

Sunday, March 24 on 91.3 at 7 PM

Tuesday, March 26 on Global Community Radio at 11 PM

“Cartoon Corners”

This week we salute all your favorite cartoons. From Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop to The Simpsons to Pinky & the Brain, you’ll hear them all. Plus I think Led Zeppelin covers the theme song to George of the Jungle. All that and then some, next time on Crazy College


Frequent Crazy College guest Chris White's model of the Invisible Man
And below is a curio that Chris White made for the annual Blobfest held in Phoenixville,PA. It's really a bar of soap, which is what you would be if the Blob got ya.

99 and 98/100 pure, his is the soap that Svenghouli highlighted on his June 23, 2018 show. Chris' soap was much better than the movie that week in so many ways...

You could get a Crazy College Dream Hour of your very own, too. Call Steve Kramarck at 302 831-2703 during normal business hours and spare the world from me for 60 minutes!


Billy Murray is sounding better that ever!

Archeophone recently released a newly remastered edition of their seminal "Billy Murray Anthology" cd. The 30 songs that cover the whole of Murray's career really reflect the phenomenal advances in audio transferring technology. He was the most popular recording artist of the acoustic era. Includes the rare brown wax cylinder of "The Way to Kiss a Girl" from one of Billy's first recording sessions for Columbia, and "It's the Same Old Shillelagh," peformed with Harry's Tavern Band in his comeback of 1940. Features collaborations with Ada Jones, the American and Haydn Quartets, Aileen Stanley, Ed. Smalle, and Walter Scanlan. I will be playing selections from the cd and talk with Murray biographer Dick Carty soon. You'll hear the difference as these songs now sound better than they ever did, outside of being the studio when they were originally being recording (would not that have been nice!). Here's a link:


Another great Christmas gift, again from mom, back in the early 1970s. The copyright reads "1922-1924 King Features"


This is the limited edition Crazy College T Shirt from 1989.


The people who put together My Book House did a multi-volume set on the history of the world – just like Will and Ariel Durant, but for kids and with better illustrations. This is the cover of Volume One.




From the "Mr. Wizard's Worst Nightmare" Dept:

My best Christmas gift ever. There was a rivalry between those who had Gilbert Chemistry Sets and those of us that had Porter. What I wouldn't give to find a copy of the old lab manual of instructions....

To me a house without squeaky floors can never be a home.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Soupy Sales with eager student:

More News You Can Loose...Check out the interview section for insightful conversations with satirists Tom Lehrer and Stan Freberg, comedian Dayton Allen, Disney animator and founder of The Firehouse Five plus Two, Ward Kimball, and satanic madmad (he was really a nice guy) Brother Theodore and more!.


From the G. Stewart/C. Healy Archives: A 7 year old Andrew Warhola does his first silk screen: "36 Wax Coke Bottles."


Chris White heard me talk about my chemistry set on the air one day a while back and surprised me a few weeks later with an original copy of the Experiment Book that came with the set. There were two schools when it came to Chem Sets: you were either a Gilbert person or a Perfect boy, I the latter. At its peak, my lab had nearly a hundred bottles of chemicals, bought at Mitchll's Hobby Shop for $0.25 each ($0.35 for Cobalt Chloride), most of which would get you arrested if you had them in your home. My Golden Book of Chemistry told you how to make a Chlorine Generator which I did and end up collapsed on the front yard. That book was later recalled and several experiments removed and that was one of them. Thanks ever so for the memories, Chris!




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You can get a free Crazy College Special on SPIKE JONES and/or a National edition of Crazy College featuring DAVID OSSMAN of FIRESIGN THEATER or our Silly Seasonal Christmas Songs Fest: merry music from the likes of Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman, Tom Lehrer, and the like. Or the Halloween Special...Or get the Stan Freberg Special featuring interviews with June Foray, Daws Butler, Peter Leeds, Dr. Demento and Stan the man himself. Plus lots of musical tracks from Stan! Available to any and all by contacting Crazy College. You can run it anytime you want as often as you want until the end of time or the end of the next millennium, whichever comes first! Perfect fun come fund raising time. No salesmen will call. Act now! No unpleasant bending; no visible panty lines. email at or call [302] 994 - 7571 for details. Get any or all: The Spike Jones Special, The Firesign Theater special, the Tom Lehrer special, the Stan Freberg AND The Halloween and Christmas Specials for the incredibly low price of ABSOLUTLY FREE! You can't get a better deal ANYWHERE!! As seen on television! Not available in stores!!!



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